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Accounting Services

Have you ever been in such a dilemma?

Troubled with consistent deficit?
Expenses overwhelming sale gains?
An urgent need to explore new products?
Coping with negative financial impact?

Answers to the above questions will have a bearing on whether the company needs restructuring or further expanding.

How do we know the answers?

Office Desk

Our accounting services:

- Monthly / quarterly Book-keeping - Chinese/English

- Monthly / periodical financial report

- Setting up of Accounts system

- Updating costing and daily transaction

- Computerized Accounting System

- Quotation of fees and charges will be provided on request

Professional financial report helps reveal where the problems are. Professional accounting system is not the monopoly of the large corporation, it is also indispensable for SME. Some SMEs have to pay an exorbitant salary employing accounting staff, yet most of them are not up to the standard. In Berfield, we are offering quality professional accounting services at reasonable charges. In addition to using our highly recommended Peachtree accounting software, we could also help our clients handling the accounts by using their preferred accounting system.

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